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as a parent it is your god damn fucking job to look after your children stop treating your children like they are burdens

you signed up to have a child, the child did not sign up to have you as a parent

keep this in mind. do not expect your children to immediately give you back all the things you give them. they are children. love them. cherish them. treat them well.


well done supernatural fandom, well done



WinCo is an employee owned grocery chain which pays its 15,000 workers at least $11/hour, offers health and dental insurance-even for part-time staff, and invests 20% of an employee’s salary into a pension which has turned 400 cashiers and clerks into millionaires. They are Wal-Mart’s worst nightmare.

winco is awesome we have one in my town and do all our grocery shopping there. They have tons of stuff you can buy in bulk. It’s awesome.

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